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For the last 20 years, TRÜ HOPE has been creating customized programs for educators across the country. Most common areas of focus are drug and alcohol prevention, suicide prevention and mental health awareness, leadership development, frosh orientation, improving campus culture, increasing student engagement, and increasing test scores and graduation rates. 


TRÜ HOPE on college and university campuses includes working with orientation programs and residential and greek life, addressing issues that include anxiety and depression management, cultivating passion and purpose, reducing risky behaviors involving drugs and alcohol, and preventing sexual assault. 


For school staff and administrators, TRÜ HOPE is brought in to revive hope, rebuild culture, re-energize passion, and provide practical tools to increase student engagement and improve learning environments.






are 4.1 times more likely to be engaged in school




Updated program description on the way

Featuring: Jeremy Bates


Updated program description on the way

Featuring: Jeremy Bates



Jeremy Bates & Flip Rodriguez

The Hope Dealer, Jeremy Bates, and NBC's American Ninja Warrior star and Hollywood stuntman, Flip Rodriguez, team up to bring a powerful message of hope, courage, resiliency and authenticity.


As a kid growing up in Miami, FL, Flip's life was filled with turmoil. Instead of talking about his problems, he learned to wear a mask, metaphorically, hiding the pain he was suffering every day. Fast-forward to his early 20's; as an athlete competing on ANW, Flip applied the same mentality, wearing a mask so his competitors wouldn't see the pain he was enduring while struggling on the obstacles. However, he soon learned that wearing a mask means hiding the "real you" from everyone — including yourself. So, in front of an audience of 23 million viewers, Flip took off his mask and shared his story about being sexually abused by his father from the ages of 9-13. That day changed Flip's life.  The outpouring of support he received reminded him the importance of being real, and most importantly to "get comfortable being uncomfortable."


Updated program description on the way


Jeremy Bates & Blair Rusin

Featuring: Jeremy Bates & Raza



Hope and Hip Hope takes audiences on a hip hop journey, using beat-filled loops and lyrical lessons to provide knowledge and practical application how hope, inspiration, love, and dreams are the foundation to any dope track, and the common denominator to making healthy choices. 


Jeremy is joined by the independent Hip Hop artist RAZA, who shares his life story of pain, despair, drug addiction, overdose, near death, and then finding hope in the darkest of places. Through his music, he inspires, lifts up, and allows people to hear his story in hope they will hear something that they might relate to, and realize that their past does not decide the direction their future.  Or, as he puts it, "Turns their pain into purpose."


Featuring: Jeremy Bates & Greg Garman

Beats are a universal language, and this program is filled with lots of them because the rhythm in a song is something everyone can understand, regardless of age, ethnicity or culture.  Many times, music is the one escape for a child with personal problems. If they are dealing with parents that fight, bullies, life decisions, social anxiety, whatever the situation, music can help soothe the soul and calm the mind.


Dreams and Drums discusses the necessity of finding the thing that helps you find your hope, and more importantly, understand the importance of progression, commitment, variance when it comes to "activating" that hope into real life.  Jeremy brings a guest that is a world-traveling drummer. The guest will describe his struggle with life as a kid, and in particular his struggle with social anxiety. He will also tell how music, was the driving force to finding his hope, his passion, his inspiration, and his dream. He dreamed of becoming a professional drummer despite his circumstances. 


Featuring: Jeremy Bates & Guest Poet

(Desireé Dallagiacomo or Gabe Nunez)

As a kid, you expect certain things. A couple things in particular: for your parents to be there and to be loving, and for your friends to be kind and help guide you to good decisions. Unfortunately, these days it’s harder and harder for a young person to have those two things in their life. In response, they turn to violence, drugs, depression, and sometimes even suicide.


In this program, Jeremy leads them on a journey of hope and inspiration for a better and brighter tomorrow. He brings in an amazing woman who has grown up in a home with a single mother addicted to drugs. She has dealt with shame, pain, depression, and numerous other things. Even though her life was not how a child would have expected it to be, she pulled herself out of the hole that her life put her in, and filled herself with hope. She unintentionally sacrificed her childhood so that she could grow up and inspire those who might be in the same position. 


Featuring: Jeremy Bates & Heath Hensley

Today, people are afraid to try new things. They find something they can tolerate and stick to it, or they are too scared to break away and do something new or do their own thing. Courage and Country challenge audiences who are trapped in a vicious cycle of comfort to have the courage to live, and more importantly, to be willing to do the hard work it will take to put yourself in a position to make a better. And we do it through the perfect storytelling medium of country music. 


Jeremy brings a guest that has changed his path many times, from being a football star in Texas, to a choir member in New Mexico, to a college drop out, and then becoming a professional country singer. He talks about losing his dream of singing and battling depression and alcohol abuse to finding a new path and overcoming the pain. His guest also discusses his new amazing career of being a stuntman in Hollywood doubling people like Kevin James and John Goodman and still dealing with depression and what-ifs. But, he always finds hope and forces a change for a better tomorrow.

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