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HOPE FOR OUR HEROES is an interactive program geared to be different than most military safety briefings. No Powerpoint presentations, no didactic lectures. Instead, HOPE FOR OUR HEROES uses live music, comedy, and story-telling to bring our service-members an important message, that they matter. HOPE FOR OUR HEROES is designed to celebrate the sacrifice and commitment our service-men and women have made for our country, while at the same time challenging them to make healthy choices that are congruent with the real-life heroes they are. 



HOPE FOR OUR HEROES is a prevention program that focuses content the necessity of raising awareness of our reflexive choices, especially those choices which directly affect mission readiness, such as Substance Abuse, Sexual Assault, Suicide Prevention, Domestic Abuse, and has been delivered to over 15,000 service members at 

over 30 different military installations around the world.

Jeremy's 2020 HOPE FOR OUR HEROES TOUR was suspended due to Covid restrictions but will resume again in 2021.

for our HEROES                  




They Said it...

Rear Admiral Steve Koehler, Commanding Officer of the USS Eisenhower, said, while thanking Jeremy for his presentation to over 4000 sailors, “That was the best safety presentation I’ve been a part of in my 24 years of service.

After watching a presentation to over 5,500 Airmen, Sailors and Marines at NATTC, Commanding Officer, Captain Maxine Goodridge wrote, “Your unique combination of personal stories, music, and humor captured their attention throughout the entire program. As I looked across the hangar, every eye was fixed on you, and it was clearly evident that your message struck a chord with everyone.

Robert D. Lippy, Ph.D, clinical psychologist on the USS Carl Vinson wrote, “Jeremy did an excellent job with his message. He seemed very insightful and well-tuned to the audience and our culture on the Vinson. He probably did more for the sailors on the ship than I have in my whole 6 month deployment.”

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2020 Tour Dates

16 Jan 20
NNPTC Charleston, SC

19 Feb 20
Lemoore, CA

20 Mar 20

10 Apr 20
TSCSD San Diego, CA 

22 May 20
Oceana, VA

16 Jul 20
Sasebo, Japan

18 Jul 20
Yokosuka, Japan

25 Sep 20
Coronado, CA

14 Nov 20
San Diego, CA

19 Nov 20

21 Nov 20
Naval Base Kitsap, WA

12 Dec 20








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J. White, US Navy, Hawaii said, "The program was filled with real-life, authentic, usable information. You made me want to be a better dad and husband, not to mention a better sailor."

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